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So how do we treat the world as the host of our future, our children and all those lovely days ahead?

Let's briefly look at the damage we do to the world when we want more clothes than we need;

More than 100 million tons of fiber are produced each year worldwide to be used in textile production. During this production process, 1 million tons of dye, 42 million tons of chemicals and 93 billion m3 of water are consumed. 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases emitted during the process quietly pollute our world and our future.

And the story does not end here. 48 million tons of clothes produced through all these processes are thrown away, and 75% of the clothes we no longer want to wear are either burned or buried>. This means that the soil we sow with hope is watered with concern.

Acrycycle - Fiber of the Future - Aksa Akrilik

The Fiber of The Future

Acrycycle continues its existence with the aim of minimizing the damage that textile waste inflicts on the environment and our future. Each year, burning textile waste pollutes the air, burying them pollutes the earth, and the water is contaminated since the buried textiles infiltrate the ground through the soil. To prevent this, Acrycycle incorporates the waste produced during the production processes into remanufacturing and recycles them for new products.

Acrycycle cares about you, your loved ones and the future. It aims to prevent environmental pollution by decreasing the need for solid waste storage areas and leaves us with a beautiful tomorrow to dream of.

For now, Acrycycle only recycles the waste produced during the production processes and turns them into new products, but for the future, it also aims to incorporate end-of-life textiles into this process and reuse more waste in order to prevent damage to nature.

Respecting the environment through disciplined work, Acrycycle gives you the most comfortable and long-lasting way of showing your respect for nature.

A product made with Acrycycle, which is based on transparency, is easily and safely tracked in the value chain thanks to its RCS certificate.

Acrycycle protects what we have for our children and transforms the future for a better tomorrow. This approach is based on one firm belief: This is our world.

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